Kim and Cocoa

Life with my pet bunny Cocoa.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

First vet appointment

Today was Cocoa's first vet appointment! He was very scared during the 15 minute car ride. (this was his second car ride since I've had him) We got to the Animal and Avian Center at 2:30 and they took us right away. I found out that Cocoa's official weight is 2.4 lbs! They checked his eyes, ears, teeth, and everything else. The vet said that Cocoa is in great health and at a perfect weight! They also gave me an estimate for neutering at $132. That doesn't seem too bad. I'm going to plan on getting Cocoa neutered over the summer.

I know Cocoa didn't like being at the vet with all the unfamiliar smells and sounds. But I'm very glad I took him in and I feel great knowing he is a healthy bun!

Friday, May 18, 2007

Big News!

I wanted to share the news with everyone that I got engaged on April 29th! My boyfriend and I were spending some time in Canada, and he proposed while we were in Niagara Falls! I'm so happy and I'm so excited for us to start planning the wedding.

Jeff and I

As for Cocoa, he is doing good. I gave him a grape the other day and he loved it! I made him a vet appointment for this coming Tuesday, just for a checkup. I have a feeling that Cocoa might not like going to the vet! It's for his own good though. I have been meaning to make him an appointment, but I wanted to wait for warmer weather. I didn't want to take him outside when it was so cold. I don't know what to expect, since I have never taken a bunny to the vet before. It will be interesting!