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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

First vet appointment

Today was Cocoa's first vet appointment! He was very scared during the 15 minute car ride. (this was his second car ride since I've had him) We got to the Animal and Avian Center at 2:30 and they took us right away. I found out that Cocoa's official weight is 2.4 lbs! They checked his eyes, ears, teeth, and everything else. The vet said that Cocoa is in great health and at a perfect weight! They also gave me an estimate for neutering at $132. That doesn't seem too bad. I'm going to plan on getting Cocoa neutered over the summer.

I know Cocoa didn't like being at the vet with all the unfamiliar smells and sounds. But I'm very glad I took him in and I feel great knowing he is a healthy bun!


  • At 2:19 AM, Blogger archi ann said…

    well very cool - glad he's healthy and happy.

    dunno if you care to compare prices and don't know what the going rate is out there but here males are much less to neuter than females to spay. i can get a male bun neutered for 50 bucks at my regular vet. (females are over 100) and i hope they informed you that rabbits are harder to aenestitize so get a good vet that has done lots of rabbits. rabbits have very sensitive hearts.

    i have gotten all my buns fixed without problems. good for you taking such good care of the guy.

    and here i go again passing along unsolicited advice! forgive me :-)
    just wanna save you some bank if i can :-)

    and congrats again!
    carri ann
    aka archi's mum

  • At 11:44 AM, Blogger Gordon said…

    When I had my two guys neutered, I hadn't done my homework on "rabbit-savvy" vets, and mistakenly fasted them prior to the procedure. I learned later that the vet was wrong, and you should never fast a rabbit.

    Luckily, everything turned out ok, and I know a lot better now.



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