Kim and Cocoa

Life with my pet bunny Cocoa.

Friday, September 29, 2006


For all of you that are curious about Cocoa, here are some facts on him!

Birth date - December 27, 2005
Weight - 2.5 lbs
Breed - Dwarf mix
Color - Brown with white on his tummy
Sex - Male
Favorite activities - Chewing and tearing up boxes and toilet paper tubes
Favorite snack - Cheerios

Does he bite? Nope, never has

Likes to be held? Not really, but he'll deal with it if you hold him properly

Monday, September 25, 2006


Last night Cocoa was having a blast doing binkies in his cage! It is such a fun thing to see. What is a binky?

"The happiest rabbit expression is commonly called a "binky." It's impossible to mistake for anything else, and the first time you see one you will probably wonder if the poor thing is having a convulsion. When a rabbit binkies, it jumps into the air and twists its head and body in opposite directions (sometimes twice) before falling back to the ground. This can be done while standing in one place, or while running, which is really weird looking, and is sometimes called the "happy bunny dance." A rabbit can even turn 180 degrees in midair. All this is a rabbit's way of telling you straight out that it is happy and overall pleased with you and its life."

(Read more at: The Language of Lagomorphs)

I will have to try to get a video of Cocoa doing a binky. It's hard to do because it happens so quickly! I'm glad that he is doing them though, since that shows he is happy.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Tired Cocoa

Lately Cocoa has been sleeping inside of his box. I guess he feels safer in there. He is so cute!!!

I just had him out of his cage for a bit. I love holding and petting him! I can tell he doesn't really like to be held though. I guess a lot of bunnies don't like it. So much for me showering him with love! I suppose I have to settle with staring at him all day. lol

Thursday, September 14, 2006


Today I was thinking, I have quite a few nicknames for Cocoa. My favs are:

- Cocoa man
- Bun bun
- Sweetie (or my little sweetie)

I actually almost named him Bun bun, but that sounded kinda lame. I cleaned his cage today and I thought I would do a little rearranging. I moved his box to face a different way, but as soon as he got into his cage, he moved the box back! Right now he is chewing on a cardboard tube. How cute! I love Cocoa.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Yes they do

After doing some research online, I found out that bunnies sleep with their eyes open! How neat. I never knew that.

Rabbits mostly sleep during the day. They often sleep with their eyes open so its hard to tell when they are sleeping. However a giveaway is that when they are sleeping rabbits often twitch, and their noses stop wiggling. (from

Monday, September 11, 2006

do bunnies sleep?

I'm seriously wondering if bunnies sleep or not. I have never yet seen Cocoa sleep. He lays down a lot, but his eyes are always open!! Very weird. Maybe he only goes to sleep when I do, but that's not usually until about 1 a.m. I don't understand. This is the way Cocoa always looks:

He is resting but his eyes are definitely open! I think I am going to research this online.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Least favorite chore

Today I had to do my least favorite chore when it comes to Cocoa. Change the litter box. I especially don't like doing it since I got the corn cob litter. It does not absorb very well. That bag is almost empty though, and soon I'll be back to using Yesterday's News. If you haven't tried that litter for your bunny, I highly recommend it. Flushable and made from recycled paper! So once I empty out the litter box, I have to clean it with vinegar. I have never liked the smell of vinegar. It's just horrible. The one plus is that Cocoa has a small litter box.

During the time I'm cleaning it out, I let Cocoa run around in my room. He enjoys the freedom to explore and hop and play.

The problem is, it's really hard to catch Cocoa and get him back into the cage. He has too much fun being out. Finally I gave up on trying to catch him, and just brought his cage over to let him jump back in when he was ready. It worked...eventually.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

First post

Hello and welcome to my blog. My name is Kim. I decided to start this up to write about my wonderful dwarf bunny, Cocoa. He is eight months old. I had been wanting a bunny for a while and I knew I wanted a dwarf since they do not get very big. I had been looking for one online on Petfinder and other sites. I came across Hoobly where I saw the posting for a:

Free 7 mo. old Netherland Dwarf mix buck

I had emailed the owner and arranged a time I could pick him up. And the rest is history! I've had him for a month, and already I feel like I've learned a lot about bunnies. This is my first, but I have been reading online and in magazines to learn as much as I can. Hopefully others can learn from my experiences - both good and bad.

Say hello to Cocoa!